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02-23-2020, 06:07 PM
Hi We have been using the Dial and Announce feature for quite a while and its has worked very well.
We normally schedule a lot (30) announcements for the one day when the school does parent teach interviews. they schedule an announcement at the end of each interview time slot.

Just recently we have noticed that when we add a new announcement into the Dial and Announce schedule, even though we have it scheduled for the future, it will play as soon as we click save.

It never did this before.
And there were no firmware updates between when it was working and when the problem started to occur. .
Although we have updated to 6.3.1 and it is still an issue.

I also cannot replicate this on our lap system (Customer is on QX200 - Our Lab system is QX50)
I did manage to get the dial & announce to play randomly if you leave a few voicemails for the extension that is the dial and announce pilot.
I suspect that is due to the voicemail notification triggering the dial and announce.
But this is easily fixed by disabling the voicemail on the dial and announce pilot - it is not need3ed anyway.
And the customer's dial and announce pilot never had voicemail enabled.

But this is a very specific "Dial and Announce triggers on save of new schedule when the entry is saved despite the date being well in the future"

Any ideas?
Anyone else had this issue?

QX200 running 6.3.1 (also an issue on 6.2.24 & 6.1.35)

08-20-2020, 06:01 AM

We were able to reproduce the issue you have notices. The steps below in the Schedule Dial & Announce configuration page cause that issue:

• Press Add to define a new schedule.
• Press the icon for the clock
• Press the icon for the Go To Today at the top of opened window
• Press save

Please check and advise if these are the steps you experiencing to use. As to the issue concerning the new VM notification, please provide more details