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10-17-2007, 12:17 AM

We have installed a 16x with about 20
snoms 300. we want to lock the phones, so that users can only call
after they "unlock" the phones. I have tried using AAA but we don't
want users to unlock the phones everytime they want to dial,
since they make calls quite oftenly and having to login
everytime they call is tiring and monotonous. We just want
them to unlock when they come to work, and lock
when they leave.

Is there a solution for this? If not, are there any third party solutions to this?

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10-17-2007, 12:55 AM
Well, there is a way to do something like this. In the "Account Settings" page under the Extension Login, there are two checkboxes: "User Password Protection for:" "Incoming Calls" and "Outgoing Calls". If your users don's mind using GUI interface, they can login to their extension and switch that ON/OFF every time going from or coming to work.

Also maybe this could be done using Quadro's new Hot Desk functionality (probably will require to have RADIUS server installed), but I am not sure. I'll ask Arsen to comment here if it is possible... Edited by: davrays

10-17-2007, 06:56 PM
Yes, it's possible to lock/unlock phones using Hot Desk functionality, but be aware that it applies only to SIP calls and there are some prerequisites (RADIUS server, custom AA with appropriate VXML scenario, ...).
Let me know if you are interested in, I'll send you more detailed instructions how to install and use Hot Desk.

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10-17-2007, 10:00 PM
Thanks for the response. SIP calls include calls through
E1 gateways, right? Could you please send me detailed instructions how
to install and use Hot Desk.

10-21-2007, 05:02 PM
Find below snip from the doc "Using
Hot Desking on the Quadro", which hasn't been published yet. The full doc can be sent via email if needed (please provide email address to send in this case).


Hot Desking is a feature which allows users to make and receive calls using
their own accounts from any phone connected to the Quadro. By entering own
usernames and passwords users log into their accounts and exploit them as their
own numbers. After they log out, other users
can log in.

Hot Desking also allows limiting and controlling the calls of these
extensions due to call routing records with enabled RADIUS Authentication and

This document gives basic steps and instructions on how to implement and
accomplish Hot Desking configuration.

and Requirements

is connected to the network and properly configured

version 4.1.33 or higher is running on the Quadro.

accounts with SIP usernames and passwords are added to SIP registration server

Server (VoIP billing system) which supports pre-paid mode is properly
configured. Accounts with SIP usernames and passwords are added to the RADIUS
server database.

dictionary is installed on the Radius Server (the dictionary file will be
provided upon request).

Server installed and properly configured.

Desking Functional Description

To describe Hot Desking functionality let?s assume that Quadro initially
has a default extension 11[/b] with a
default username and password. To access the account from that extension the
following should be done.

1. [/b]The user dials to the preconfigured Custom
Auto Attendant (see Section 5[/b]).

2. [/b]Enters the username (added on the RADIUS
and SIP servers e.g. 444111).

3. [/b]Specifies the password (e.g. 444).

As a result the user gets authentication from the RADIUS server (the
user hears the ?Values accepted? voice message.). The extension gets the
username 444111 with the password 444 registered on the sip server. So the
444111 number will be available until the user logs out.

After dialing to the Auto Attendant again a voice prompt is heard to
enter the password. Entering the correct password Quadro restores the sip user
name which was assigned to that extension before login.

When the user is logged
in he can use the voice mail of that account, he can dial *0[/b] and hear voicemail instructions from the Application server.

When a call comes in and
the user is logged in, the call goes to both Quadro and Application Server. If
the user doesn?t answer the call after the configurable delay (answering
timeout) the Application Server answers it, so the call goes to voice mail.

note:[/b] For outbound
calls configure a call routing record with an enabled RADIUS Authentication and
Authorization. After that any outbound call from that extension will pass
authentication and authorization on the RADIUS server.

Please Note:[/b] You cannot login to the account if
you are already logged in from another phone.

Note: [/b]If the Quadro
reboots, the default extension settings are restored, so the user has to
re-login to his account.


The following steps describe how to
implement Hot Desking feature on the Quadro:

1. [/b]Configure Quadro (RADIUS Client and
Custom Auto Attendant) as described in Section 5[/b].

2. [/b]Configure the mailboxes for Voice
Mail Service on the Application Server with the above mentioned sip user names
and passwords (see Section 6[/b]).

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10-21-2007, 05:40 PM

I would like to read more on this feature and know whether we
can integrate into our system. From what I have read on hot desk, I
have a few questions/requests

What is the application server?
could you please sent me the documentation on hot desk?

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10-21-2007, 06:41 PM
Status: email is just sent to the mentioned address.

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