View Full Version : Call recording button on Cisco handsets

10-14-2018, 11:07 PM
Hi all,

I'm trying to implement a recording button on Cisco SPA handsets which allow customers to manually start and stop their call recordings. I'm using QX200 with auto recording at the moment.

I've found an instruction for Yealink phone here: http://www.alloy.com.ph/downloads/ip%20communications/Yealink/Wiki/Instructions%20to%20Configure%20Call%20Recording%2 0on%20Yealink%20phones.PDF

I'm wondering if any of you happen to know the HTTP URL to trigger call recording on the Cisco SPA handsets?

Based on the document from Epigy here, the recording button feature is supported on Cisco SPA phone: https://www.alloy.com.au/downloads/ip%20communications/epygi/Product%20Manuals/QX50/epygiippbx%20features%20on%20epygi%20supported%20i p%20phones%20list.pdf