View Full Version : allow call to be pickup whilst playing menu prompt to caller

12-04-2014, 12:24 AM
Brief is: Problem is our staff can take quite a while to answer calls so we want to play a promo msg and give the caller a a menu / choice to divert themselves whilst call is ringing the handsets.

Currently I've route it to a AA (with VXML Scenario) which plays the menu prompt (which is repeated twice) for the caller to make a choice. If caller don't pick any choice AA then divert them to a default MER. Whilst MER rings handsets a Ringing Announcement (our onhold promo msg) is played to advertise our business to the caller. If staff take 2 minutes to pickup the call then caller should hear our promo during this period.

The complaint with the current setup is that the caller is waiting too long as our staff can't actually pickup the phone until it rings (after the initial menu prompt).

Is it technically possible to make the handsets ring as soon as the caller calls in (staff can then answer the call immediately), then a menu prompt is played. If caller don't make a choice calls gets diverted to default MER. We don't care if menu get cut off when call are answered.

12-06-2014, 04:15 AM
Hi Ben,

You are talking about a queuing system where an announcement is played upon the caller entering the queue. At any point they can break out of the Queue based upon your choice. The telephones will ring the handsets that are logged in and enabled in the queue.

Promo messages can be played through the Queue and will play from the beginning when they enter. You can have other messages play within the queue or in a sequence so that the caller is presented with a number of promos.