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09-08-2014, 07:37 PM
Hi guy
have a big problem
I'm configuring a Epygi Quadro M E1/T1 dual.
the first E1 is connected to Algerian CO and the second to a PBX (working with CCS signaling protocol).
Now, the calls from PBX to external called work but the vice versa does'nt work. I get a busy tone.
in CO E1, the time slot are configured with R2 ANI Completted.
I noticed that setting the "Route incoming call to" with 229 (DN of the unique extension connected to he Epygi just for the test),
I get the call from PSTN.
But, setting with " routing with inbound destinationnumber" (in order to route the call toward PBX E1), the calls don't work.

Anyboby have any idea how to configure CO E1 time slot in order to route incoming call to PBX E1??

Thx in advance

09-12-2014, 03:19 AM
Hi Stephane,

Please let me now, do you use Quadro M32X as your PBX? If it so I will suggest you following configuration.

On Quadro M E1/T1 for trunk which is connected to CO set the following.
Route Incoming Call to: routing with inbound destination number(This will direct all your incoming calls from this trunk to Routing Table)

Now On Call Routing table add an entry with the following settings.
Destination Number Pattern: 456 (it is just example but in your case this must be your DID)
Number of Discarded Symbols: 3 (this must match with the number of symbols of Destination Number Pattern)
Prefix: 00 (this is the destination number of call which will arrive in PBX, in this case this is Auto Attendant of PBX but you can choose any destination)
Destination Type: E1/T1
Filter on Source / Modify Caller ID: set this check box

Port ID: E1/T1 Trunk1(Trunk to PBX, for outgoing call)

Timeslots: Select all(it is just example, you can choose any number)

next two pages are used for filtering incoming calls
Source Type: E1/T1

Port ID: E1/T1 Trunk2(Trunk to CO)

With this configuration all your incoming calls from CO will be routed to RT and will match with routing pattern "456" which will direct your call to PBX Auto Attendant.