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07-18-2007, 05:48 AM
Epygi and Grandstream Networks Complete Interoperability Testing For SIP
Voice Products
Resellers and VARs can choose high performance,cost effective
VoIP solution with this strategic partnership.

Brookline, MA — Epygi has completed interoperability testing between the
Epygi Quadro Series IP-PBX and the Grandstream SIP Phones: GXP2000 SIP
Enterprise Phone and the BudgeTone SIP Consumer Phones. Grandstream Networks
(www.grandstream.com) manufactures next generation IP Voice and Video products
for broadband networks.

Grandstream offers two voice and video product
portfolios designed to support advanced voice-over-IP and video-over-IP
applications over broadband networks. Both the GXP SIP Enterprise Series and the
BudgeTone Series are based on SIP standards and offer broad interoperability
with most 3rd party SIP products. Each product line is feature rich and easy to
manage through web browser and automated secure provisioning.