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07-10-2007, 12:49 AM
tengo un problema tengo un 4x y todos los dias despues de las 3 de la tarde en la pantalla de Active Calls aparece solo la fecha la duracion que puede llegar hasta horas y en calling phone me pone PSTN1-? y en called Phoe pone PST2-XXXXXX tengo que terminar la llamada para que se desbloquen las lineas ya que se quedan pegadas.

espero me puedan ayudar


07-26-2007, 02:48 PM
Hope someone can help our friend carloslanz with this problem:

I have a Quadro4x and every day after 3:00pm on the active calls screen it shows only the call duration between (calling phone PSTN1-? and called phone PSTN-dial number) where some times can be hours of the ongoing call and the only way to free the FXO lines is to end the call, there are no call relay extensions active on the quadro4x, what can be wrong?

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07-26-2007, 03:18 PM
Hi Carlos, the call from PSTN to PSTN through Quadro can be initiated even without usingCall Relay on extensions, but just enabling "Send AA digits to Routing" on the Attendants page, so check if that option is enabled or not. Also get familiar with the documents on our WEB, under "TSC->Download" section about security. I see here another problem with your CO, PSTN operator. Can you checkyour Quadro's regional settings ? Just pass through System Configuration Wizard and set correct location.If it will not help, thenmost likely that the disconnect and CIDsignalsyour COsend to Quadro isn't meet with your country standards. That's whyyou have "PSTN-?" - it means that CID is not detected by Quadro.In that case please submit a ticket in our Technical Support page. Our engineers will contact you shortly and will help to detect correct settings of your CO.