View Full Version : NAT With Symantec Gateway Security

05-01-2007, 01:20 AM
HEllo Everyone,

I wonderring if Anyone herehas setting NAT Traversal To have Full Cone NAT fromQuadro16x throught Symantec Security Gateway 1620 (SGS-1620). I try to foward Port UPD=5060 and RTP=6000-6099.

The SGS1620 Have:

Two (2) DSL connect to it, both DSL line have there old STATIC IP. The SGS1620 Have Load Balancing on the DSL Lines(50/50). On the Quadro NAT Traversal Setting for SIP , i selected the option "Force" and on SIP and RTP Parameters, i use Manual NAT setting and put the IP of the Router (SGS1620).

Thank's for helping.