View Full Version : Auto configuration on a remote extension

04-20-2007, 06:59 AM
Normally you cannot use the IP line auto-configuration features of the
Quadro with a phone that is connected as a remote extension. This
is because the auto-configuration relies on a feature of DHCP where the
DHCP server can specify a "boot file". This "boot file" in the
case of IP phones is actually the configuration file.

You can get around this limitation by using a packet capture program to
capture the DHCP traffic between a locally connected phone and the
Quadro. You can, in that way, see what file the Quadro is
specifying to the phone to download. After you know what file the
phone should grab you can manually configure the remote phone to
download the appropriate file. Usually the phone's MAC address is
part of the file's name so you'll need to take that into account for
the remote phone.

At least on the SNOM 360 there is a place in the web interface to
specify a configuration file to download. I suspect other phones
can be similarly configured. So you setup your IP line just like you
would if the phone were local, entering the MAC address and selecting
the corrent phone type. This will cause the Quadro to generate
the config file. Then configure the remote phone to use the
correct file !!

Of course the phone has to be able to reach your Quadro via whatever
method it uses for downloading config files (ftp, tftp or http) so if
the Quadro is behind a firewall or NAT device you'll have to do a bit
more work to open the appropriate ports.

04-22-2007, 07:46 AM
But won't that configure the phone with IP Line credentials rather than the Remote Extension credentials?

05-02-2007, 01:03 PM
On the Aastra 480i at least the settings you enter via the web gui take precedence over the configuration file. So you can have the phone download the auto-config file and still use the remote extension username and password because you enter them manually using the web gui :-) I suspect this may also be the case for other Aastra phone models.

I haven't checked the SNOM phones but this could work the same way there as well.