View Full Version : QuadroCall Web call management portal now available!

10-13-2011, 03:33 AM
Lunacom is pleased to announce the release of QuadroCall Web for PBX Epygi, a call management web portal.
This version does not require 3pcc; it must be installed into a web server and is available through a web browser.

Centralized address book
Multi PBX connection
Dynamic contact search
Single click calls
Contacts' groups creation
Different user roles
Import/Export (vCard / XLS / CSV)
Links to Google Maps
Complete customization (open source)
3pcc license not neededFor commercial and technical information, please contact us at



06-16-2015, 03:14 AM
Lunacom is pleased to announce the release of QuickCallWeb-Pi for Raspberry Pi, a call management web portal. QuickCallWeb-Pi is a multi-user shared address book integrated with the IP phones that can be used with any PBX. The main advantage of QuickCallWeb-Pi is the installation and configuration: the software comes on Raspberry Pi platform with the operating system and configured services preinstalled onto an SD card.

• Centralized address book
• Phone type customization (home, office, mobile etc.)
• Multi-PBX connection
• Dynamic contacts search
• One-click calls
• Call logs
• Contact groups creation and diversification
• Active Directory LDAP connector
• LDAP/TFTP server
• Lookup for Incoming and outgoing calls (AAstra/Mitel, Snom, Yealink)
• Address book and call list access from phones (AAstra/Mitel, Snom, Yealink)
• Address book Import/Export (CSV format)
• Database backup & restore
• Google Maps connection
• Click to Call Add-in for Outlook 2013 & 2010
• 3pcc license not necessary

Download demo from: http://www.lunacom.net/prodotti/