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04-15-2011, 04:19 AM
We are using QuadroM12Li (firmware release 5.2.40). We would like to to be able to record a message for our customers and the message could be played back from a couple of customized AA scenarios.
Using *75 feature code seems to me is not an option since we could record message just for AA that are using Default scenarios not VXML scenarios as our AA are designed. Even if we record the message for default 00 AA we can not access it from our VXML script.

It appears that Epygi supports <object name=".." classid'"record"> VXML object. However we were able to record a message on a particular AA extension using the following parameters:
<param name="extension" expr="'123'"/>
<param name="filename" expr="'abc.wav'"/>
Yet, not sure how to stop recording. We could playback this message just from 123 AA where is recorded but not form other AA, therefore we need to record the same message several times which is not handy at all.
Is there anybody who could help with this issue? Could this be achieved by using *75 code if not what is syntax in VXML script to:
1. record message on a common location accessible by all AA
2. how to access .wav recorded for one AA from another AA

Your help is very much appreciated!

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04-18-2011, 02:15 AM
You can record message from any AA to any extensions including any AA, but not general storage place.
As you correclty identified you will neet to use "record" classid, to record message.
<param name="extension" expr="123"/>
<param name="filename" expr="'abc.wav'"/>
will record message to the storage of extension "123"
Let's say that on extension 555 you have custom AA script with your recording, as specified above. As you see, in "record" you can specify any extension, including extension number of other AA.
Suppose extension "123" is you second custom AA. You can play that recording from your custom AA scenario with simply:
<audio src="abc.wav"/>

With "record" classid you can also delete recording, with using "remove" parameter should be either "0" or "1"
"remove" - parameter will erase the recording, if file with "filename" exists on the storage of that extension.

So, in short, if you have recorded message in storage of extension "123", you should have custom AA on that extension to access the message.