View Full Version : Connecting Multiple Quadro 8ML via Patton Gateway

12-18-2010, 04:56 PM
Hi All,

We have a client with a 100 Mbit Leased line to the Internet at the Head Office and a Patton ISDN/ SIP gateway at the End of It.

The ISDN gateway is so that the Head Office AVAYA ISDN System can go VOIP .

The Headoffice is connected to 7 branches via 10 Mbit leased lines and Vlans . So far two branches have been connected with Quadro 8ML PBXs in the branch and Snom 370 handsets.

At least one branch is suffering loss of audio from the external party and especially when other calls are ringing in and being picked up .

Can anyone shed any light on this Please as client is annoyed.