View Full Version : High Quality SIP Termination available for US/Canada with Low Rates

10-08-2010, 07:25 AM

We are offering BEST rates for many destinations specially US/Canada, providing VoIP wholesale termination with CLI support, having excellent Crystal Clear Call Quality.

Routes with good quality stats having no capacity issues (with no monthly commitment) for hot destinations like US/Canada, UK, Australia, France, Singapore and Germany.

Here are some good routes rates are below.

USA 0.0080/M with CLI
Canada 0.0067/M with CLI
UK-Proper 0.008/M with CLI
Singapore Proper 0.0125/M with CLI
Singapore Mobile 0.0160/M with CLI
Australia-Proper 0.0189/M with CLI
Australia-Mobile 0.1096/M with CLI
New Zealand Proper 0.023/M with CLI
New Zealand-Mobile 0.1935/M with CLI
Thailand 0.0065/M with CLI

You can contact me for further details.


Daniel Hayden

VelocityDial LLC
Tel: (281) 763-0473
Email: sales@velocitydial.com