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01-10-2007, 10:15 AM
Hello Forum, I am trying to setup a VPN. My quadro is (recently ) connected directly to the internet. I am trying to setup a road-warrior ipsec config for a windows xp machine.

The problem I have is trying to enter "Local Id" in the connection wizard, "automatic keying" page of the IPsec configuration.

When entering an IP address, I get an error telling me that "You cannot use IP address as Local ID when behind NAT".

Is this correct? I am *not* behind a NAT, but the other end of the connection usually will be. I have NAT turned on for my local subnet behind the quadro.

The admin manual states that the Local ID may be an IP or the quadro FQDN that will resolve to an IP. But a few lines down, the manual states that the @string formats are not resolved. Anyway, I used the FQDN of my quadro and the wizard accepts this.

But when I try a connection, get a "can't find connection" error . The FQDN is present in the message on the RHS "...<my gway>[FQDN]" (I did't keep the msg sorry). It makes me think that the DN was not resolved? The rest of the iPs in the message look right.

Anyway, does anyone know of an example setup for a road-warrior vpn?
I.e., quadro<->internet<->nat<->peer(XP PC).

Fyi, we are trying the Greenbow VPN client on the far end (WIndows XP) machine, using shared-secret authentication (initially). The IKE and other parms are left as defaults.

01-21-2007, 09:24 PM
Hello centina,

This configuration wastested and everything works fine.

Can youtell me your Quadro's SW version and youre-mail address?

I will send youa document, which describes your scenario's configuration.