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01-18-2010, 12:39 AM

I have a problem of understanding the principle of reception of Apelles with 3pcc
theory in order to receive a call you must:
-Use the following command to register for the reception of the call: IncomingCallHandling (extensionName, enable)
-well then it receives the frame of an incoming call which was answered by this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

- This is where it becomes complicated
(here we do not know or is calling, I suppose it is on standby on the quadro, but I'd like to know what it must register to obtain the information back?)

- Then for the phone with our extension to take the call, it must create a call to another extension, accepting (since ca va landed first on the software which has included the extension. (And here we turn around)

-then skip this step must be added the 2 calls. I suppose
someone was there a clear procedure on how to receive a call and order that follows. THANK YOU
for info I tried the example but it works not well

01-19-2010, 11:57 AM
Here is the correct procedure to handle incoming call.
1. Request "Services.CallProcessingService.incomingcallhandlin g" methodcall for required extension with enable flag. Please refer documentation Quadro CallControl Interface Rev. 2.4 (sec. 5.3.1). This method always send 3PCC application to Quadro device.
2. When someone calls to handled extension, Quadro sends "Services.CallProcessingService.process" methodcall to 3pCC application. Refer sec. 5.3.2
3. The 3pCC application should response with active, decline or redirect parameters.
==> in case of Active response the 3pcc application should specify if it will be the call owner later by specifying remoteControl parameter with 1 value. If call handler will be Quadro specify remoteContol as 0. If 3pCC application gains the control of call, it will be informed in call state changes by "Services.CallProcessingService.callstatechanged" methodcall from Quadro. Also the 3pcc application can play message for that call, transfer the call, etc.
==> in case of Decline response the call will be rejected.
==> in case of redirect the call will be transfered to the specified destination.
If you no longer need call handling disable it for that extension (at least on application termination).

If call originator is 3pCC application's side, the 3pcc should initiate call using "Services.CallProcessingService.createcall" methodcall. Further it will be informed in call state changes from Quadro by "Services.CallProcessingService.callstatechanged" methodcall.