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12-14-2009, 12:34 PM
Hi, I have a Q4x with FXO gateway and have the french language pack in there. No problem at all except when we activate the find me/follow me option in the extension management.
from this time, each time somebody dial this extension we have an english voice saying "please wait, we are trying to contact the person you are calling to"
is there a way we can upload custom recording for that, or simply disable the recording ??

Why this recording is in english and everything else is in french...Is there just somthing you missed to record in the language pack ?



12-25-2009, 10:36 AM
Hello Hans

actually the voice messages in a French lang pack are recorded long ago, and are not updated since year 2004-2005. The GUI translation is much more fresh, and it corresponds to 5.1, but the voice messages are recorded for 4.1 or even older version.

So I suppose this "findme-followme" message is not the only one missing there.
It would be great if you can help refreshing the French language pack. Note that if you do that, Epygi will reimburse your expenses by giving additional discounts on our products..

Anyway.. back to your original question - "is there a way we can upload custom recording for that, or simply disable the recording ??":
you can do that using hidden "uploadownmessages.cgi". Record your own message, and upload it from that webpage, giving it the name "findfollow.wav".

Best regards,

01-18-2010, 05:36 PM
Thank you david, sorry for this late answer.
This is very usefull, thanks again.

I will send you professional record of this findfollow.wav as soon as I have it. If you know other .wav that you want to record in french, just let me know. record fees are less expensive when we have a couple to record at the same time.


Hans T

01-21-2010, 01:24 PM
Actually there are 35 messages missing in French LP. They refer to ACD, Call recording, call bloking and speeddial configuration from handset, and several other new features of 5.0 and 5.1.

If you would like to record them, to include into standard LP (I suppose you can get a discount from Epygi to refund the expenses in that case..), the best way would be to contact Kelly.. Or I can give you another contact to discuss technical issues first. I suppose in that case the new voice should be to some extend similiar to the old one, so users will not feel big difference between "old" and "new" messages...

Please let me know if you would want to do that...

Thanks and best regards,

11-25-2010, 09:53 AM
Hi Davray

would it be possible to get the list of messages to be relaoded in French
with their english text

some clients are requesting them, even if not recorded by professional actors

I'll than can publish here those that are translated

Thanks Henri

11-26-2010, 10:55 AM
Well, ok :)

Here is the list of messages missing in the French translation:
acdagentname.wav - Please enter the agent’s ID.
acdagentstatus.wav - Please enter the agent status: press 1 for online, 2 for offline, 3 for away, 4 for Do Not Disturb
acdgroupname.wav - Please*enter the*ACD*group ID.
adminselectmenu.wav - To review the active greeting press 1, to review the incoming blocking message press 3, to review the outgoing blocking message press 4, to review the out of office message press 6.
autocallwait.wav - Please hold while we connect your call.
blockabsent.wav - This is not a blocked number.
blockingmenu.wav - To block a destination, press 1, to unblock press 2.
callrecannounce.wav - This call is being recorded.
extlogin.wav - To log in, please enter the extension number and press pound.
extlogout.wav - To log out, enter the password and press pound.
findfollow.wav - Please wait, we are trying to contact the person you are calling to.
invalidnum.wav - Invalid number dialed, please try again.
invalidpsswd.wav - Invalid password entered, please try again.
invname.wav - Incorrect ID entered, please try again.
loginsuccess.wav - You have successfully logged in.
logoutsuccess.wav - You have successfully logged out.
mailboxnumber.wav - Please enter the mailbox number
newcall.wav - You have a new call, please dial the confirmation number to answer.
nomorerec.wav - No more recordings.
norec.wav - No recordings.
numbertoblock.wav - Please enter the number to block and press pound.
numbertounblock.wav - Please enter the number to unblock and press pound.
pininput.wav - Please enter your PIN code
pinwrong.wav - Incorrect PIN code, please try again
recalmfull.wav - Recording box is almost full.
recdeleted.wav - Recording is deleted.
receditmenu.wav - To listen to the first recording, press 2, for the last recording press 8, to play the current recording press 5, to move back and forth between recordings, use 4 or 6, to get the date and time-stamp, press 3, and to delete, press 9.
recfull.wav - Recording box is full.
recmainmenu.wav - To listen to the first recording press 2, for the last recording press 8, to play the current recording press 5, to move back and forth between recordings use 4 or 6, to get the date and time stamp press 3, and to delete press 9.
recon.wav - Recorded on…
recorded.wav - Recorded…
recordings.wav - …recordings.
recording.wav - …recording.
recselected.wav - No recording selected.
recwelcome.wav - Welcome to recording box.
speeddialnum.wav - Please enter a two-digit speed dial code and press pound.
unblocksuccess.wav - This number has been unblocked.

You can record them and upload from the "uploadownmessages.cgi".

Henri, if you would like to include them into Epygi French language pack, you'll have make professional recordings. In that case please contact Epygi, so you can discuss this topic (as far as I know, Epygi could reimburse those expenses in some form).
If you are going to make non-professional recordings, then you have to use the hidden page mentioned above (uploadownmessages.cgi).

Best regards,

11-28-2010, 01:17 PM
Thanks David

these infos are useful

Regards, Henri