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11-24-2009, 10:00 AM
The problem is that the customer connected a NBX to the Epygi through the Voip Carrier Wizard. But he is causing trouble when he wants to place a call. I describe the problem below:

The call dialing is: the 7xx numbers are in the Epygi and the 1xx in the 3Com.

They dial 700# to take the line to the Epygi from the NBX -> the autoattendant answers -> they dial the number of the extension and the call is ok.

If they enable the "Route all incoming SIP calls to Call Routing" the call hangs itself when 700 is dialed and the Epygi answers with a message SIP 415 ("Unsupported Media Type").

From other phones or SIP phones the call passes through in both ways (3 number dialing or dialing 700 first, with "Route all incoming calls" enabled or disabled), but from a 3com terminal it only works when they dial 700 and then the extension number. The 3com does recieves calls from the Epygi smoothly.

The thing is that they want to reach the Epygi extensions from the 3com terminals without needing to pass through the autoatendant, how do I do this?

11-25-2009, 12:13 PM
I suppose this 3com PBX is connected to Quadro via IP network, but not via PSTN, so the call from 3com PBX to Quadro is done by SIP. Is that correct?

If thats true, you will first need to look in your Call Routing Table, to see which patterns can 700 number match. Can you list here all the entries in Routing Table of your Quadro?

Also, I have listened about similiar problem from our TSS guys. Did you open a ticket in Epygi TSS lately? If yes, did you send the logs?

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UPDATE: I have looked in the case you opened in Epygi TSS. The guys sent you an answer, so if you follow their suggestions and correct the Call routing table, everything wwill be OK.. :)