View Full Version : MS Outlook phone numbers can not dialed

10-23-2006, 10:53 AM

I love the QCM feature that enables to download MS Outlook contacts, and to dial such a contact phone number with one click on "Call". However that feature does not work when Quadro SIP trunk is used for outgoingcalls. For instance a MS Outlook contact number is (973) 244-1470, theQuadro does not clean up this numberif the call goes out via a SIP trunk. The Quadro does clean it up if the call goes out via a FXO line. But, we want these calls to go out via the SIP trunk. This QCM feature is a major selling point for companies that do telemarketing (making a lot of outgoing calls). Epygi, could you please fix this feature asap. My customer just bought 4 QCM copies for this feature. Please make it also work with MS Outlook 2003. Looking forward for a prompt resolution.

Toon Six