View Full Version : QCM is not finding Contacts or the wrong list

08-12-2009, 04:36 PM
MS Outlook 2007 enables you to set up email accounts with a POP3 SERVER or with an Exchange Server. I set it up with an Exchange server in cached mode. However the outlook.ost file became the default file. So all my emails and contacts stayed on the Exchange Server. Therefore, QCM could not find any contacts.
I changed the default file to outlook.pst (File, datafile mgt, data files, tools). Then all my emails and contacts were in my Personal Folders.
I opened QCM, and voila there were my contact subfolders and contacts.
If you set up your email with a POP3 server, you will use outlook.pst file, and QCM will find contacts.
However I still miss some contacts. I wish that Epygi writes up a white paper on getting the right contacts into QCM. The user guide didn't help with this issue.
I hope that this helps some of us who have to make it work.
Have a good day.