View Full Version : "System Overload" in Epygi E1

07-20-2009, 06:38 PM
Hi Everyone we have one Epygi E1 and appears this problem

20-Jul-2009 18:23:21 PSTN0/2-?(99/CR) 36014000@i2next.com.mx:5060 "System Overload"
DSP overload

First why appears...? and second how we can solve this problem.

Jesus Giron

Uptime duration: 1 hour 36 min 25 sec
Device hostname: Santillana
Quadro Operating system: 5.0.4 root@Delta.epygi.loc
Application Software: 5.0.4GW - Release
Boot Loader: PPCBoot 4.1.37/Release
DSP Software: Version: 5.0.4. Date: November 11 2008 18:31:11

07-25-2009, 12:10 PM
Hello Jesus,

There might be several reasons of "System Overlod".
- no bandwidth (you may check upload/download settings from internet configuratiopn wizard)
- no DSP resources (because of other from G711a/G711u codecs)

Please open TSS case and attach systemlogs so it will be clear why you receives "System Overload" and how to solve it.