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07-05-2009, 08:55 PM
Hi Everyone,

I run an after hours support for my customers. I have 2 Technicians with 2 mobiles. I need to set up an extension, say 88 to pick up an outside ISDN line, and hunt between the 2 of them in a circular pattern. I have tried setting up Exts. 89 and 90 with an immidiate call forward to their mobiles, but when I do, it just says "Trying to connect, please wait." when dialling that extension.

I then set up a call routing rule so that calling ext 89 routes the call to the mobile,. but I cant put anything but extensions in the circular hung group I created on 88. I also tried making a second extension that immidiate call forwards to the call routing rule, but still it just says "Trying to connect, please wait."

Any Ideas? --JM

07-10-2009, 01:08 PM
You cannot put external destinations in the Hunt Group. That coould be possible after we release the new "Find-me/follow-me" service on the extension's callerid-based services table. It is coming soon...

But even now you should be able to use the UCF (Unconditional Call Forwarding) to ring two extensions at once (you cannot do that on FXO lines, but can do on ITSP or ISDN lines).
So first of all you need to undrestand why it gives you "Trying to connect, please wait.".

Did you try the following: take the extension 88, activate the UCF for "All Callers", and add two destinations - "Auto->firsttechniciannumber" and "Auto->secondtechniciannumber", or "PSTN->firsttechniciannumber" and "PSTN->secondtechniciannumber"? What do you get when calling to ext.88?

If that doesn't work, then what do you get when having just one technician in the forwarding table? The same message or different?

Best regards,