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03-23-2009, 02:01 PM
Epygi Reduces Prices on Select VoIP Gateways

Epygi has reduced the price of the single E1/T1 VoIP gateways to target specific markets and competitors.

In reaction to market demand and customer needs, Epygi Technologies has permanently reduced the price of the QuadroE1/T1 Plastic Enclosure to $1,995.00 USD MSRP. This solution is targeting the SOHO market requiring digital to VoIP conversion or to expand their existing E1/T1 interfaces.

“In an effort to stay in tune with customer needs and the current market situation, Epygi has decided to lower the prices of these select products.” Mario Cuello, CEO of Epygi, continued with, “Some of our more price sensitive markets have been eagerly awaiting this kind of change.”

The QuadroM Single E1/T1 port Metal Rack Mountable solution has also had a price reduction, and this is for a limited time only. Originally priced at $3,195, the enterprise grade VoIP Gateway is now aggressively prices at $2,795 USD MSRP. This promotion will last for 6 months. Please contact Epygi Technologies at +1.972.692.1166 or your local Epygi partner for details.

01-24-2011, 01:08 PM
There was a price adjustment due to market trend for the QuadroM E1/T1-RM Single back in April 2010. Please check with your local supplier and verify they have the latest pricing sheet. Thank you.