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03-11-2009, 05:37 AM
I post this coz *I* can never find my notes on how to do it when I'm in a hurry. No comments needed unless you think I'm doing something long-winded or even wrong. :)

There is no auto-provision for the Snom M3 system (as of this date).

To set up an M3 on a Quadro

1) Go Telephony / Line Settings, find the IP Line for the extension you want (normally the next free one!) and edit it.
2) In the edit panel, change the type from Inactive to SipPhone. Select model "OTHER", dont' fill in the MAC address (It won't let you) and change the password to something you know. e.g. 123456. Save.

3) Browse to the M3's web GUI (It'll have grabbed an IP via DHCP - probabyl calling itself "SIP Handset" or similar. Password is admin / admin.
4) Click on Identity1. Set up the page as follows:-

Server is local = yes.
Display name = Extension 123 (or "alf" or whatever).
Account = locext123 (should match user name given at 2 above.)
Password - 123456 (again, matches what you set at 2 above.)
Account name = Identity 1 (shouldn't need to change this).
Account Mailbox Name = locext123@ (IP address of your PBX of course).
Account Mailbox Number = leave Blank
Registrar = <ip address of your PBX)
Outbound Proxy = <ip address of your PBX)
Authentication User Name = locext123
Server Port = 5060
Outbound Proxy Port = 5060
Re-Reg time = 600
THE REMAINING entries you can leave as they default and just Save.


YOU MAY FIND that you need to force the system to reboot to make te new settings kick in. 've had a handset saying "Auth failure" for ages even having done a "Base station reset" from the handset but once I select "Reboot" from the bottom of the Identit1 GUI page, it seems to kick in OK.

Finally - check the Telephony settings, that the handset you are using is allowed to use the Ident that you just set up. Users with more than one handset and/or more than one Identity will be able to see what's going on here fairly easily. Default *should* be enabled for all.

04-09-2010, 09:05 AM
Thanks for sharing........

04-11-2010, 03:56 AM
FYI: SNOM M3 is in the list of the auto-provisioned phones on Quadro 5.2 releise

04-27-2010, 03:48 AM

My resseler tell me that the SNOM M3 is in END OF LIFE and want to sell me SNOM M9

Is there any way to auto-provisionned Snom M9 in the 5.2 release


04-27-2010, 11:01 AM
Not yet Rubik !!!

SNOM M3 is still good though .. get a deal on them seeing as they are running the model out ....

M9 ... nice phone.. but will the M3 do what is needed ? ( 12 month warranty either way you go ? no ? )

Jemapelle Kevin

04-27-2010, 02:27 PM
I'm agree with you M3 is a good and have a repeater (M9 no).
My reseller try to sell more M9 than M3.
I try to find another way to find M3

05-21-2010, 03:48 AM
below are some of the features:
* Display: 128 x 128 pixels, 65536 colors, backlit
* Li-Ion battery pack for 8 hours of calls or 100 hours standby
* Range: 50 meters indoors, 100 meters outdoors
* 12 numerical keys, 5 navigation keys, 2 function keys
* Speakerphone on mobile handset
* Polyphonic ringtones
* Automatic registration of handset
* Separate charging cradle for handset
* 8 handsets per base station
* 8 SIP registrations with different servers/registrars
* Up to 3 concurrent calls per base station
* Three-way conference
* Remote setup, password protection
* Open DECT GAP standard