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11-21-2008, 05:49 AM

We have a Quadro 4xi and want to make an IVR with multiple choices (and voice messages) and recipients, where and how can i do that on a Quadro 4xi ? I've already created a new extension but i'm lost now.

Thanks in advance for your help.


11-21-2008, 01:40 PM
Hi Swen

You need to create extension of the "Attendant" type and configure that. There are two ways to configure that extension. Edit that extension, and look at the options you have there under the "Attendant Scenario" tab.

One option is to use "default" scenario. You can record two messages. First (optional) is a welcome message, which is played just once as soon as somebody calls to that AutoAttendant. Second message is a recurring attendant prompt, which is played several times until caller will make his selection. If caller doesn't press anything, Attendant either disconnects, or (if you configure it so) will call to preconfigured destination.

Second option is to write an custom VXML script for that. There you can do everything you need.

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11-21-2008, 04:21 PM
For a 5 destination plus overflow destination Auto Atendant copy and paste the following into a text file and once you are happy with the destinations rename it to aa5scenario.vxml upload it to your A/A and record 2 x messages welcome.wav and repeat_welcome_aa.wav upload them to your a/a and change the required information with the 5 x dial through destinations marked dial 1 through 5 and 1 x timeout destination.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<vxml version="2.0">

<form id="mainform">

<noinput count="1"><assign name="field1" expr="'Replace_me_with_default_NoDial_Extension'" /><goto nextitem="field2" /></noinput>


<prompt timeout="5s" bargein="true"><audio src="welcome.wav" /><audio /></prompt><goto nextitem="field1" /></block>

<field name="field1" type="digits?length=2" modal="false">

<prompt timeout="5s"><audio src="repeat_welcome_aa.wav" /></prompt><option dtmf="1" value="Dial_1-Replace_with_Extension/Mer" /><option dtmf="2" value="Dial_2-Replace_with_Extension/Mer" /><option dtmf="3" value="Dial_3-Replace_with_Extension/Mer" /><option dtmf="4" value="Dial_4-Replace_with_Extension/Mer" /><option dtmf="5" value="Dial_5-Replace_with_Extension/Mer" /><option dtmf="6" goto="field1" /><option dtmf="7" goto="field1" /><option dtmf="8" goto="field1" /><option dtmf="9" goto="field1" /><option dtmf="0" goto="field1" /><option dtmf="**" goto="field1" /><option dtmf="*1" goto="field1" /><option dtmf="*2" goto="field1" /><option dtmf="*3" goto="field1" /><option dtmf="*4" goto="field1" /><option dtmf="*5" goto="field1" /><option dtmf="*6" goto="field1" /><option dtmf="*7" goto="field1" /><option dtmf="*8" goto="field1" /><option dtmf="*9" goto="field1" /><option dtmf="*0" goto="field1" /><option dtmf="*#" goto="field1" /><option dtmf="#" goto="field1" />

<filled><goto nextitem="field2" /></filled></field>

<object name="field2" classid="connect"><param name="extension" expr="field1" />


<prompt><audio src="blank.wav" /></prompt><exit /></filled>

<nomatch><goto nextitem="field1" /></nomatch></object></form></vxml>




12-11-2008, 05:16 AM

Thanks for the reply.

First, I would like just to explain our situation and what we want to do.

-We have 5 persons with either Snom300 or M3 and an Quadro 4xi.
-In these 5 persons we have one person who is not working directly with us, he's connected via VPN (and right now it's not working correctly, VPN is OK but we can't call to his side, but he can call ours, he has a snom300 with 2 extensions connected, one standard and one remote, we don't understand where the problem reside.)
-We would like to have an unique number, so when our customers call it they can directly choose which person is concerned by the question of our customer and the Epygi forward the call.
-Sometimes 2 persons can be concerned so 2 phones needs to "ring", we need/can make groups calls?
-How many wav files do we have to record ? one welcome message and one exit message ?

I'm not very good at programming so if you can help me with a few "words" I don't understand.

-What is "field1" and "field2" and what they need replaced by ?
-What is expr="'Replace_me_with_default_NoDial_Extension'" ? do i need to make a no-dial extension ? how to do it ?
-What is value="Dial_1-Replace_with_Extension/Mer" ? with what do i replace this value with ? only the extension number ? and if it has to call 2 extensions ?
-Except for the wav files, anything else needs to be changed in this script ?

Thanks !


12-11-2008, 05:52 AM
Swenz... do you know how to program a virtual extension and create a MERg with that virtual extension?

If not thats not a problem... it takes a few minutes to program but perhaps a glass and a half to understand it...

Virtual extension = a number pertaining to a non physically connected telephone extension...

So lets say you have a 3 digit range of extension numbers from 111 to 140 ... that was your range of extensions within the Epygi.

So what I will do is create an extension range outside of those numbers and create my virtual numbers. Sometimes I will make them 4 digits even though I may have 2 or 3 digit numbering for ease of use and manipulation with the call routing table. The example I will use is 211-240 for simplicity.

I create an extension of 211 in the extension management table.

After I create it, I then click on it so that it opens up the extensions attributes where I see the Supplemtary services area. I click on that link and follow to the Caller ID based services. I click the any address link and click onto distinctive ringing link and name the extension as a group name ie Sales. I then save and when it has done that click onto the many extension ringing link, where I select my extension that I wish to ring.. lets say extension 111 and 112. and also activate and save and enable the service and save again. I then select the no answer call forwarding selection and send the call to the next route which might be a single extension or a voicemail, now back to the basic services of the extension under supplementary services I select the no answer time out and set the time I want the caller to wait whilst ringing to the ring group.
I set it and use that virtual extension number in the fields as indicated above -

IE "Dial_1-Replace_with_Extension/Mer"

See I told you it would be a glass and a half ....


Do that for all DIAL x's that you need and it will set up your basic routing through your ivr.