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11-12-2008, 03:55 PM
Hi sir,
i have Quadro RM E1/T1 connected to panasonic PBX.
i want if caller dial ext 100 and E1 make this call and no answer, i need to forward theat call to a mobile (follow me).

Note: by E1 you can dial ext or dial 9 and dial landline or mobile.
also i can use quadro 4x on top of the E1 to make this idea.

waiting for your solution.

11-13-2008, 01:38 AM
you can setup your mobile in the routing table as a speed dial
ie: pattern 123
nds: 3
prefix: (mobile number)
call type : (specify E1)

then in your ext setup you can setup cfw when busy to the spdl number.
this should work
you cant cfw to your moblie number for some reason, but setting up a spdl like this works.

just make sure you add the number in the prefix and not in the suffix when setting up the spdl

11-13-2008, 02:52 AM
the ext 100 is a Panasonic PBX extension and i can reach it only by Quadro E1.
Quadro E1 don't have any programable extensions to config except 00 and 11.

now if i have quadro 4x is this will help and how?
if not then what will be the solution?

my aim is: if call coming from another E1 GW to my Quadro E1 and dial ext 100,
if the ext 100 ringing and no answer i want the Quadro E1 to dial mobile.

11-13-2008, 04:16 AM
Walid in the Panasonic you need to set up call forward no answer / busy and stipulate the external call forward number and set your timer inside the Panasonic to do it.

You might have to play with the ECF dial delay timers etc.. but remember it takes up 2 x trunks on the E1 interface.

1 in and 1 out.

Depending on which Panasonic variety it is .. depends on the key combinations ie tdk, super highway etc....



11-13-2008, 06:53 AM
thanks alot for your assist, sure this can be done but i want to use quadro 4x so client can buy it :)
they have a problem with the pbx guy to make it and no another E1 slot available.

so if i have quadro 4x and quadro RM E1/T1 how will be the solution?

11-13-2008, 10:06 AM
Hey walid, it is possible I believe under supplementary services for the route to extension 100 you create a call forward no answer and in the cfna rule you put the destination to the mobile with the syntax of the dial out access number and the mobile number.

Because the Epygi knows the route hasnt been answered via the E1 extension ( you get signalling on the E1 interface ) the cfna rule should work without a problem.

You will need to set the time before call forward no answer takes place, and test your dial entry to make sure it is passed to the crt ( call routing table ).

This theoretically should be close to the mark and function - the Epygi gurus can pass judgement and let you know if what I have written is practical though *cough* David ;). I am not sure if you can get busy happening though, unless you set up no call waiting on DID / DDI calls in the Panasonic but it sounds like you dont have that capability to get that to happen because of the Panasonic tech. Perhaps get a friendlier Panasonic tech.



11-13-2008, 10:15 AM
Just re-read your details with having an Epygi 4x...

Ok.. the E1 gateway becomes the lines for the 4X and you assign the lines within the 4X and control all of the dial plan from the 1 gui ( you could get the M32x - great system and offers better feature set than that of the 4x and RMe1 )

That means as I have stated before the call comes in and goes straight to an extension ... in the supplemental services you can put a no answer forward to a mobile and set the time period to suit...

Another way is to flexibly do it by a *4 destination number from the handset to overide the Voicemail answering.

Anyway it is very possible with the Epygi and if you really wanted to get the telephones to make them sing ... ther are many forum posts on how tos and also a collection of bright ideas on the Epygi support site. If you dont have access ask your reseller / distributor for the information relating to your requirements.



11-13-2008, 03:38 PM
Yep, if you throw away the Panasonic PBX and use QuadroE1T1 + Quadro4x, the setup you are talking about is very straightforward: you connect the QE1T1 to Q4x via network, and have the E1/T1 ports free, so yo can connect them to your telco.
In this setup extension 100 is the Q4x extension, and you just need to set noanswer call forwarding on that extension to wherever you need (you can call to mobile using E1/T1 port, or buy a SIP account and call via ITSP.

If you want to keep the Panasonic PBX, and have setup like "QE1T1 + Panasonic PBX", I am afraid your scenario will not work. Kevin described a possible way to config that in the *post before the last one*, but this will not work, because Quadro wouldn't activate the no-answer forwarding (cfna), in case if Panasonic extension doesn't answer. The cfna work only for Quadro's internal extensions, but not for the calls through SIP or PSTN or E1T1.

So the solution should be to use Q4x + Qe1t1.

11-14-2008, 09:16 AM
Dear Davrays,
you understand very well what im talking about kavin understood that the ext is a quadro ext while it's a panasonic ext.

ok, i tried to play with the routing table and use the activate timeout 5 sec,
and if fail reason = Any then epygi will go directly to the next match route.

the problem that no answer is not one of the fail reason. is there any other way?
dav, all what you said i did it on the Quadro E1 phone ext 11 and it worked 100% i did this before i open the thread but you know this is the PBX ext and the only way is to detect the no answer from the E1.

the E1 is connected as a E1 trunk Pri at the panasonic and it's work as a E1 extension.

11-14-2008, 11:53 AM
Walid, I think Kevin undestand what you wanted, but the problem is that if you use scenario "Panasonic PBX + Qe1t1", there is no way to setup what you need (the "follow me" scenario). The only way is to set up no-answer forwarding on the Panasonic itself (calls come from SIP to Qe1t1, then are forwarded via E1/T1 trunk to Panasonic, ring the extension 100 there, then Panasonic should activate the No_Answer forwarding back through E1T1 thrunk to Qe1t1, so Quadro can call to mobile via ITSP.
This is the only solution I see there. But it reqires to configure the CFNA on Panasonic PBX.
Kevin siggested you this solution already, and you told him "but i want to use quadro 4x so client can buy it"... If so I cannot understand what you need. How you are going to use Quadro4x, if you don't still want to use Panasonic PBX..?

11-14-2008, 02:35 PM
thanks dav, KAvin for your help and support.
i have a project that 3 sites each have Panasonic + Quadro E1 connected .
the easy way for follow me is to be done by the PBX.
i suggest if we use any sip server like Quadro 4x is this will help.
cause as i know and as i tried it will not gonna work.
i thought maybe by playing around with Quadro 4x in call routing table and creating ext samilier to what panasonic have it might work.

kavin i didn't mean anything man:) just thought that you understand that ext 100 is a quadro extension while it's Panasonic ext.

seams like no solution for this... Thanks alot dav, Kavin for your help.

11-24-2008, 03:05 PM
After more thinking - this is possible to do if you have additional 4x..

You connect Qe1t1 to Panasonic PBX via E1T1 trunk, and install Q4x nearby.
All incoming calls come from SIP to Q4x. For each extension of Panasonic PBX you have one V-ext on Quadro4x with UCF (Unconditional Forwarding) enabled. For eaxmpte for extension 100 of Panasonic PBX, you should create extension 00100 on Quadro4x, activate UCF from that extension to two destinations: one desitnation is some physical line on Quadro4x (you don't need to attach a telephone there), second destination is to the Panasonic PBX extension 100 through QuadroE1T1 (you will need to create the corresponding rules on the QuadroE1T1 too). On the extension 00100 on Quadro4x you should activate NACF ("No-answer forwarding") to the mobile number (via some ITSP).

So calls will come to exte 00100, will ring for some time on both the Panasonic PBX ext 100 and on one of the physical lines on Q4x (if you attach no phone, you will not be bothered by ringing), then if nobody answers on Pnasonic extension 100 during the no-answer-timeout of Q4x, the call will be forwarded by Quadro 4x to the mobile number.

That should work...