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11-02-2008, 08:26 AM
We got a Quadro4x with 4 FX lines in 2005 after a lightning strike on remote BT lines took out a small Avaya/Lucent exchange (smoking stuff, no way back), because Avaya wanted to charge full trade price to swap it - rather than accept an act of God, and swap at hardware cost. I looked hard at the market at that time and found Epygi doing interesting things, and as we were interested as local area suppliers/systems providers to include this product in our offering.

Guess what? Remote strike again last week (despite arrestors) and FX0 lines 1 and 2 are zapped. Everything else (including lines 3/4) OK. At least Epygi charge 50% of the price to swap, but that's still ~$800 more than it costs them to build the boxes - so rather than an Act of God, I would describe that the luck of the Devil on Epygi's part.

We're perfectly handy with a soldering oiron, but has anyone else any experience of replacing the front end circuitry or is this asking for more trouble?

11-03-2008, 01:24 PM
Hmm... not sure about the soldering option, but there is one more solution - you can buy an additional Quadro FXO GW and connect that to your Q4x. That is cheaper than to replace the whole unit (even at 50% of the original price), and also you will have some spare FXO lines on that unit (it has 6 lines), which you can use in case if lightning strikes again and some lines burn again (of course I wish this will never happen again, but who knows)...

11-03-2008, 10:31 PM
Remote strike again last week (despite arrestors) and FX0 lines 1 and 2 are zapped.

Lightning arrestors depending on the quality provide insurances for a value to a degree... otherwise I would be going to a soliicitor to draft up a class action against the firm that produces them to take them off the market through failing to perform the task that they are sold under - lightning protection... you bought them under the understanding that they would protect your hardware from lightning protection... well those components failed... and if it is within 12 months I would be causing a ruckus... they have an obligation under the merchantability act ....

My 2 cents worth ....