View Full Version : How do I use an FXO on remote 16x?

10-08-2008, 01:25 PM

I have two Quadro 16x's, each in a different office.

They each have a public IP, and are successfully registered to each other using both slave & master SIP Tunnels, allowing dialing to/from extensions at either office.

Now my goal is to establish a rule that allows one 16x to use the FXO ports of the remote 16x.

Dialing 9?* goes out to the local PSTN here at office#1
I want to dial 6?* and go to the remote 16x's PSTN at office #2
(and vice-versa)

I found the post below, can't figure out the missing details:

Can I use the already-established SIP tunnels for this?

Or do I need another method? Someone Please help!

10-08-2008, 10:07 PM
Steps that I would undo and do in your case :

1./ Remove - registered to each other using both slave & master SIP Tunnels

2./ Public Ip of Quadro 1 and 2 set a rule in the Call Routing Table as follows:

If you use 2 digit numbering at both quadros follow the format of :

Pattern 2?? , NDS = 1 , Type SIP , When you get to the SIP Page fill in the IP Address of the Other Quadro, Port of 5060 everything else set to default .

If it is 4 digit 2???? , NDS = 1 rest of info same as above.

Make sure that you have UDP/TCP ports on firewalls opened for 5060 ( for SIP ), UDP 6000-6099 ( for RTP ) , 3478 UDP ( for Stun )

That is entirely it .. no need for master slave registration of Quadros in this instance unless you are clustering in some fashion but I dont believe you are from what you have mentioned. You can still authenticate calls via a speed dial from one Quadro to the other in both ways rather than locking it down into one direction only, you just have to be mindful of the operation but again the CRT can manage that simply by filtering ie from the public ips of the Quadros themselves as for the SIP instance and dial thru.