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Thread: Connecting Snom phone to QX200 via OpenVPN

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    Default Connecting Snom phone to QX200 via OpenVPN

    During the cold season, we sometimes get snowed in and several of the higher-ups in the company have requested to have the capability to keep a snom phone at their desk at home so they can work remotely (we use RDP gateway so they can work that way as well). I have tested and used STUN on a phone at one of the customers that we have to have someone onsite 8-5 m-f and it has worked well, but sometimes STUN cannot work through all firewalls without some configuration (port forwarding etc).

    However, OpenVPN (which can punch through where STUN cannot) was recently implemented in all QX series Epygi boxes, and the Snom 760 and D715 phones already natively support it.
    The downside is that the QX provides .ovpn files with all the certs and config settings in that one file. The phone requires a .tar file, with all the .crt and .key and config files separate. I've tried splitting the .ovpn file up and recompiling into a .tar (using 7zip) and uploading to the phone (really providing the phone with a URL, but beside the point), but it just reports "VPN ERROR" after file retrieval and disables the VPN. There is no entry in the phone log that shows what was wrong, and there is no detailed OpenVPN log on the PBX (there is a log of sorts, but it only shows connected clients). The systemlog on the PBX does not show anything either.

    Has anyone implemented the OpenVPN server on the QX and connected to the Snom phones yet?

    Also, for a hotdesking extension, is there a way to set a displayname (other than editing the phone's settings.XML file)? The "HotDesk01@EpygiPBX:5060" scrolling on a snom760 looks messy.

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    Okay, I had been testing this on a D715 but after testing on a 760 I am getting a little more info, the detail of VPN error is "Key Unassigned".

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